Assistive Technology Reviews are independent, one-on-one reviews designed to help each individual child to get the most out of the technology available to them. By booking an Assistive Technology Review, you can ensure that potential technologies and devices will meet your student’s needs before investing in them, or that the technology your child currently uses remains the best choice as their education advances.

Individual Technology Reviews

Each Assistive Technology Review is a fun, interactive session and very relaxed for your child. The Review process is designed to build both an overall picture of a student’s learning process and examine a wide range of products in his or her individual context.

  • All Reviews begin with an online survey to help us understand your child’s background, challenges and learning history.
  • On the scheduled day, you and your child will meet with a UrAbility coach and begin the Review with a general chat to gain a sense of both abilities and challenges in home and school environments.
  • Your coach will take both you and your child through some of the widely used technology to assess what products are the right fit for your child.
  • The technology review takes up to an hour and a half, and results in a custom report based on our time with your child.

Your individual review report includes a list of technology recommendations and general advice on the use of assistive technology for your child both in the home and at school.

Book a Technology Review

We currently are not taking booking for AT Reviews, this is mainly due to the fact that James is now working on research into Assistive Technology in Boston and the workload doesn’t allow for him to be as involved in UrAbility.

Here’s a quick video from James explaining what you can expect from an AT Review:


  • James and Urability are the lifeline I have been searching for. As a parent and as a principal I feel schools must get on board and open up the world of technology to dyslexic children.The sense of relief it gives to a child to be able to transform their thoughts and ideas into presentable typed pieces is second to none.

    -- Parent

  • A very important cog in the wheel of progressing your child's ability to function in school.

    -- Parent

  • I would strongly encourage anyone who has a child with dyslexia to meet with James for a technology review. My son was immediately comfortable to chat with James about what difficulties he has. James introduced us to I pad apps and software for laptops which would best suit my sons particular needs . his school was then able to apply for a grant to get this technology for him

    -- Parent

  • If you are looking for AT for your child, UrAbility is the best place for a professional opinion.

    -- Parent

  • I was very happy with the approach used by James while doing the review he seemed to understood exactly my how son was feeling and this had a very calming effect on the whole meeting.

    -- Parent

  • I took your advise James, and I got Danny the Bluetooth keyboard to go with his school iPad. He's so delighted and enthusiastic that he's writing a story for the enjoyment on it ! I'm amazed! It's always difficult to get him to complete homework - and he doesn't get much at all! But to write a story when nobody asked him to and it's nothing to do with school - wow !

    -- Parent