Summer Camps – James’ Story

James here, I wanted to give you a few reasons as to why we run our technology summer camps every year (this is our 4th year..!) and why it’s so close to my heart. Having Dyslexia myself and struggling throughout my educational experience and work career, I fully understand what your kids are dealing with.

“I still have tough days, when I question myself, my ability, my intelligence, I ask if I’m Good Enough, or what do people think about my poor ability to read/spell?”

This all has an effect on daily lives, so it key to ensure that we allow children to overcome this as early as possible and focus on their abilities.

First and foremost, it is not the money and being very honest, our camps will just about break-even this year, we run them to the highest standards. We hire top end tutors and bring in the best specialists in their field. For example this year, we have tutors on Mindcraft from Coderdojo, an occupational therapist, a comic artist, guest speakers (students who have sat their junior cert recently, to speak to in-coming students), a motivational speaker/study skills specialist (Enda O’Doherty) and a number of great resource teachers. We run all our camps in universities, this allows students to experience higher education environments and will hopefully aspire to go there some day.

“For me, it’s personal, I want kids to experience things I never did, I want them to aim high and not let their disability/learning difficulty be a barrier to reaching their goals.”

The camps are not going to make them a whiz at any one technology/app, but it will show to them it is possible, that they can achieve and that there are other kids who experience similar challenges. What makes the camps for me, is seeing a child who can’t read well, master the iPad and have it read back to him, that to me is winning!

I started UrAbility with the simple goal of making a difference, it has been a tough road to build it to where we now are. We have met many the barrier/group who don’t want to engage or work with us. However, I am headstrong to ensure that UrAbility is going to continue to empower kids and allow them reach their goals.

if your interesting in having your child come to one of our technology camps, you can find more information on the below links or email me personally on

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Thanks again for your support,