Why have the best of AT software in a school and not be able to use it? UrAbility offers on-site and online teacher training to help educators maximise the benefits of Assistive Technology in the classroom.

Assistive Technology Teacher Training

UrAbility travels across Ireland to train teachers on using Assistive Technology to its full potential. Our school training session can take a number of formats and are tailored to your school’s requirements. Our standard package is a 3 hour session with all teachers in the school, offering a practical overview of AT in the classroom followed by small group hands-on training sessions. Optionally, we can build training modules to you requirements and just work with a selection of teachers or focus on a specific technology or classroom methodology.

James facilitated a training session for teachers at our college recently. He was passionate, down to earth, interesting and very informative. – Principal, Kinsale College

Assistive Technology Software and Support

We also supply a large number of assistive technology software products, both for the end user and for schools. These products include Text to Speech, Voice Recognition and Mind-Mapping software.

Every school or customer purchasing software will get support installing and setting up the software. Our online store allows you to print a PDF quote for your school at checkout so you can price and approve products for purchase orders.

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